DZR -Link Lime

DZR has awesome customer service and for a fledgling company trying to provide a shoe to a up-and-coming sport which puts incredible stresses on equipment and bodies they did pretty well. I received the Link Lime on a discount due to a defect in another pair of shoes and I asked Champ to send me the most bomb-proof shoe they were offering and he said the Link Lime was it. That being said, I have had the shoe since ladies army (in May) and it is looking pretty hag. The sole is came apart from the upper and I had to glue it back together, which happened a few months back, so we are talking less than 6 mos and my shoes were basically falling apart.

More recently the laces have basically disintegrated, which honestly happened a lot later in the game than I expected since they are cotton and that seemed like a poor choice when I first got them out of the box (but they did look and feel so nice). Another cosmetic issue is that the upper is peeling apart. So far this is mostly a cosmetic issue, but when it starts to rain more regularly I can see this being a problem. FULL disclosure though; I wear these shoes EVERYDAY. They are not polo specific; I wear them mountain biking, I wear them to work, I wear them in the shop, and I wear them to polo 3+ days a week. They have held up significantly better than the other shoes that I had from DZR (Mamba X, Strauss) and I think DZR's trend is to take information from returned shoes and make a better shoe.

Things I am stoked about with the Link Lime is the wide velcro strap across the top of the foot. I think its gone a long way to keep my shoes together. I also like the padding around the ankle and its saved me a few times from some nasty cuts and/or bruises. I wish the shoe was wider since somehow, even though my feet are pretty narrow, I feel like the upper is being stretched by the widest point on the outside of my foot. This is most apparent when riding with most of the weight on one foot when cornering. And of course there is the most re-occurring complaint and compliment that I have heard from others and I feel the same which is the recess of the plate. On the one hand I love it because I wear these shoes everywhere, including work, and I don't want to be stepping on my soft Time cleats. On the other there was that totally frustrating 2 weeks where I couldn't clip in because the recess was so great my cleats couldn't engage with the pedal (a problem solved by a spacer under the cleat).

All in all I am happy with the shoe. I am excited for the Marco to be available, but for the price I am going to wait until I hear rave reviews and see them holding strong for at least 5 months without incident. I'm looking into Giro for my next polo shoe. I will update with an initial review when I make to commitment and buy a pair.

​~photos to come soon!~