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Dog Soccer is the name of the Santa Cruz Hardcourt Bike Polo Club. It was coined by Pat and the name has since traveled to the sandy shores of Australia and is now a phrase know by all far and wide. Hardcourt Bike Polo is a sport played on bikes with mallets and a ball. The equipment for the sport is specialized, and many mallets and bikes are built by the players themselves. The game begins with a "joust" where a player from each team races for the ball. Teams are composed of three players with no set positions (forward, defense, goalie, etc) instead players rotate as play and skill dictate. Games are usually to 5 points and/or timed to 15 minutes. During play a player must maintain control of their bike and mallet. A penalty for putting a foot down ("dabbing") results in the player having to tap the wall ("boards") at half court before resuming play. In more competitive play a penalty will be called for a player who causes another player to run over their mallet (resulting in a dab), sitting on the goal, high sticking, t-boning, as well as a handful of other acts. A full handbook of the North American Hardcourt rulebook can be found here.

What is Dog Soccer?

The Night Court

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm polo time

Contact Brandon @ 831-212-6947 for exact address. Secrets!

The Day Spot

Sundays 2pm polo time

If you are looking at the Skate Park its to the left.

Bike Polo - a tarmac tournament that's not for the thin-skinned

Matthew Sparkes

League of Bike Polo

where people take bike polo way too seriously